30% of Farmers in Alaotra Mangoro Region Have Adopted SRI




According to an article on the MA-TV website, 510,000 tons of paddy in the Alaotra Mangoro Rice production has improved significantly this year, said Lucien Ranarivelo, Director General of Agriculture at the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MPAE). Overall, an increase of 15% over normal years is estimated. For the Alaotra Mangoro Region, production increased by 50% compared to last year. According to his explanations, the production of this region, rice granary of Madagascar, will be 510,000 tons for this year 2018. This marked improvement in the harvest is due to several factors. The Director General cited, among other things, the rehabilitation of three large dams in the Alaotra Mangoro region and the renovation of 75 km of irrigation canals. He also noted that hese efforts of the MPAE would be in vain without the commitment of the producers, noting that, “At least 30% of the farmers have changed their practice by undertaking the SRI technique adapted to the region and the climate.”