GUINEA: The West Africa Agricultural Productivity Programme (WAAPP) – Smallholder Paddy Productivity and Market Linkages in Kindia Prefecture, Guinea


An understanding of how the System of Rice Intensification method of the West Africa Agricultural Productivity Programme (WAAPP) has influenced sustainable solutions to smallholder paddy farmers’ challenges of poor yield and marketing in Kindia Prefecture, Guinea informed this study. Causal research design was used, involving a survey of 126 beneficiaries and 78 non-beneficiaries of WAAPP. Data were collected mainly on the farmers’ enterprise characteristics: improvement in productivity, sales, and income from paddy.

WAAPP- and non-WAAPP-participating farmers had >10 years of farming experience. Most WAAPP farmers (67.5%) achieved higher sales and income from paddy than in the past. The productivity of the WAAPP farmers was higher and significantly different from that of the non-WAAPP farmers. Farmers’ opinion of market prospects after waapp intervention  and their age significantly influenced their change in productivity. The WAAPP increased paddy production.