Rice and soybean producers from Ogou and Amou in training at Gleï



Atakpamé, June 9 (ATOP) – Thirty rice and soybean producers from the Ogou and Amou prefectures are taking part in a training workshop on “intensive rice and soybean production techniques, management sustainable development of land and the marketing of these products”, from June 7 to 15 in Gleï, capital of the Ogou 3 commune, 25 km south of Atakpamé.

This activity is an initiative of the NGO Development Support Center (CAD) with the financial support of the firm National Fund for Learning, Training and Development (FNAFPP). The training provided by experts from the firm Center de Representation et d’Exportation des Produits (CREP-Togo) falls within the framework of the promotion of rice and soya.

The objective is to equip the participants, including four women, with innovative land restoration and intensive production techniques. It is a question of making them discover new methods and practices of soil management to give new life to abandoned soils and declared poor and infertile.

The meeting is an opportunity for rice and soybean producers to learn and discover new tools and practices needed to boost their agricultural yields. They will be trained, among other things, on sustainable land management, in particular terrace cultivation, corridor cultivation, stone bunds to fight against water erosion, cultivation in vegetative strips and the creation of windbreaks to protect the crops from the harmful effects of strong winds and also fight against wind erosion. They will also discuss the main stages of the intensive rice-growing system (SRI), a farming method that considerably improves yields by using fewer agricultural inputs. This method takes into account the choice and sorting of seeds, pre-germination, nursery preparation and sowing, transplanting, paddy field development and irrigation, maintenance and harvesting. These trainees will also learn the techniques and the process of making compost, the intensive production of soybeans, the search for outlets and the management of farms.

The directors of CREP-Togo and the NGO CAD, respectively MM. Kadayi Noussougan and Agbokanzo Osséni said that this training was organized following the observation that the production of rice and soybeans has declined in recent years. For them, this situation finds its source in the lack of mastery of farming techniques by producers and the infertility of the soil. They expressed their gratitude to the government, technical and financial partners for their support and support to the agricultural sector.

The works were launched by the mayor of the Ogou 3 commune, Tchaddé Kossivi Dieudonné. The latter indicated that the training comes at the right time to better equip producers on new agricultural practices and techniques for more yield. He urged the participants seriously to assimilate the modules well in order to popularize the achievements of this training in their respective cooperatives for the promotion of soybeans and rice.


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