System of rice intensification (SRI): a training booklet from WASSAN


System of rice intensification (SRI) is a improved method of rice cultivation that was developed in 1983 in Madagascar and has now spread to many parts of the world. There is a notion that what has been done in research plots and by scientists is modern and desirable. However, it is farmers who played a key role in designing and developing SRI method of cultivation practices. Thus every farmer has to be a scientist and an experimenter. Farmer should not blindly follow what is suggested by others. One has to understand the principles behind and decide upon what to do based on local situation and available resources. This is the key aspect in SRI method of cultivation.

For the paddy plant to achieve its full potential and give high yield:

  • A plant should have more number of tillers
  • The number of effective tillers should be higher
  • Panicle length and number of grains per panicle should be higher
  • The grain weight should be more
  • The roots should have extensive and healthy growth

Let us explore different methods in achieving the above objectives. Along with various opportunities let us explore the limitations, problems and challenges in each of the aspects. Let farmer’s fields be experimenting grounds. Read More