Agriculture: des petits producteurs formés au système de riziculture intensive [GIZ-sponsored SRI training in Kinshasa in associated with the centres d’innovations vertes (CIV)]


Small rice producers were trained on Friday in Kinshasa, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, in the intensive rice farming system, an agro-ecological method allowing farmers to produce more rice using less seeds and water, and less purchased inputs.

 “ We trained rice farmers in the System of Rice Intensification (SRI), an agro-ecological method that allows farmers to produce more rice using less seed and water, and fewer purchased inputs. A local experience that is part of the green innovation centers (CIV) supported by German cooperation ,” said Kadidia Adama, one of the trainers.

“ The objective of this seminar was to strengthen the skills of rice producers to increase production and yield significantly, to fight against harmful techniques while improving their costs. This, in order to better protect the environment ,” he said.

According to him, this experience is one of the 23 innovative training practices for men and women producers in Africa that fueled the international seminar “ Investing in the training of men and women producers is building the future ”.

For Kadidia Adama, the origin of this training is the observation made in Kinshasa in the current practice in irrigated rice cultivation consisting of transplanting very old plants in the partial mastery of rainfed/lowland rice cultivation.

“ The SRI is therefore an innovation chosen as a response to improve production and at a lower cost. From the phytosanitary treatment point of view, it takes into account the economic tolerance threshold for damage and the pest management dimension, for healthy and sustainable production, respectful of the environment,” he explained .

Training needs identified

For Kadidia, the training needs were identified based on the results of the training diagnosis, which made it possible to prioritize the priority needs of the coaching producers to be able to provide training for producers in the agricultural sector.

And continues, these training requests from producers are translated into annual programs on the basis of a training strategy implemented through the program financed by German cooperation through the GIZ.

These annual programs are implemented by professional training centers in local irrigation and are translated into terms of reference in charge of drawing up technical and financial proposals.

SRI is established in 14 countries in Africa, India and Vietnam to promote the agriculture and agribusiness sector. ACP/Kayu