Technical)Manual)for)SRI)in)West)Africa Improving*and*Scaling*up*of*the*System*of*Rice* Intensification*in*West*Africa


Changing over from the current rice production practices to adopting the SRI methodology is not
a straightforward process. We propose hereby a number of steps that can assist in making this
transition successful. Being systematic and staying creative are our two main recommendations
when working through this process!
1. Understand the concept and principles of SRI
Identify the main elements and practices that people have implemented successfully
elsewhere. Understand the key drivers behind the improved performance of SRI plants.
2. Analyze the current rice production system
Carry out a thorough, step-by-step analysis throughout the crop growing season, and
detail the various current practices
3. Compare your current rice production system to SRI recommendations
Conduct a step-by-step comparison of how the practices in your specific rice system

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