Progress and Activities

  • SRI Trials Initiated in Morocco in 2008With support from the Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF), trials were begun during the main growing season in an irrigation system in the Gharb region of central Morocco. Technical assistance was provided by Dr. Baharul Majumdar from the Department of Agriculture in Agartala, India, who has given leadership to the spread of SRI in the Indian state of Tripura. Two articles on this first attempt at SRI in Morocco appeared in the first and third issues of the SRI Newsletter on the SRI-India website. While water use was reduced, the first trials produced only 5.3 t/ha, less than the conventional average, due to management issues and lack of tools appropriate for the clay soils. Information on the following season will be posted when available. More information is available on in the reports and video listed below.
Reports and Articles
  • Amico, Claudia. 2011 (August 1). Producing Rice Saving Water in Morocco – WWF. Produced by Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF). 1MILOUDI channel, YouTube. 8:14 min. [Primary subject of this film is an SRI project in Morocco’s Sebou Basin. The original video was produced in 2009 based on trials begun in 2008.]