Promoting SRI through Digital Learning for Rice Farmers in Kenya


From humble beginnings

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The word “SRI”, meaning “System of Rice Intensification”, is not new to many farmers in Kenya’s Mwea, Ahero and West Kano Irrigation Schemes. It all started way back in 2009, when SRI was introduced in Kenya, first at Mwea Irrigation Scheme, and later at Ahero, Bunyala, West Kano and
South West Kano Irrigation Schemes in 2011. Since then, SRI has revolutionized how rice is grown by farmers in the country. But not that smoothly. It has been a challenging 13 years (as of 2022), in which SRI was promoted on and off depending on availability of resources to support various
projects and activities. But first, let us get the basics of what SRI is (there’s always someone new).