Agriculture continues to be the bedrock of the development of our nation
and the key to creating equitable and sustainable growth for our people.
This has been emphasized in Kenya through Vision 2030, the MediumTerm Plan III and the President’s Big Four priority agenda for 2017-
2022 and the Agricultural Sector Growth and Transformation Strategy
The ASTGS has identified nine flagships that serve as the core of the
10-year agriculture strategy where the flagships draw on the status of
our agriculture today through a rigorous and thorough review of data,
lessons from global best practice, and our local realities. The actions
inherent in these flagships are bold and ambitious. The implementation
of the flagships will help to transform our agriculture sector in Kenya,
drive 100% food and nutrition security, and ensure food is available and
affordable for all Kenyans.
The role of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and
Cooperatives (MoALF&C) is to ensure food and nutrition security for all
Kenyans as stipulated in the constitution. The Ministry being conscious
of the importance of the agriculture sector to national and counties’
economy; and the livelihood of the Kenyan people, has set to make the
sector vibrant, innovative, transformed and modernized. This entails the
use of technologies and diversification and commercialisation in crops,
livestock production and fisheries activities.

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