Challenges and Coping Strategies in the Uptake of the System of Rice Intensification Practices in Oluch Irrigation Scheme, Homa-Bay County, Kenya


Rice is a staple food crop for most households in sub-Saharan Africa [1,2]. Currently, there is increasing demand for rice and the need to improve productivity of local farmers to reduce dependence on imports in most countries with rice productivity potential [1,3]. Concurrently, there are significant crop yield gaps associated with biophysical and management challenges. With […]

The potential for expansion of irrigated rice under alternate wetting and drying in Burkina Faso


Achieving rice self-sufficiency in West Africa will require an expansion of the irrigated rice area under water-scarce conditions. However, little is known about how much area can be irrigated and where and when water-saving practices could be used. The objective of this study was to assess potentially irrigable lands for irrigated rice cultivation under water-saving […]

Comparative Analysis of Rice Performance and Profitability with the System of Rice Intensification (SRI) and Traditional Practices (TP) in Ziguinchor District, Senegal

Conventional rice nursery

The “System of Rice Intensification”(SRI) represents a sustainable alternative to improve household yields and incomes. This study aimed to evaluate the yields and the profitability of the SRI and the Traditional Practices (TP) in Ziguinchor district, Senegal. A directed sampling based on criteria for selecting the system used and the cultivated varieties common to both systems was […]