Farmer’s appropriation of system of rice intensification practices in water-scarce irrigation schemes in Northern Tanzania

SRI dry nursery, and 8-day old seedling

The system of rice intensification (SRI), advocates new ways of rice cultivation which challenges farmers’ knowledge and skills to the extent that they are required to learn, experiment and integrate new principles to suit their specific needs and agro-ecological conditions. This study was conducted to evaluate farmers’ appropriation to SRI; first, a survey was conducted […]

Featured Tool: Ring Hoe Weeder


In this Earth Links, Inc. “Featured Equipment” post we have included two designs and supporting research for the production of a weeding tool which can be made for less than $10 USD. Smallholder rice farmers require efficient, affordable and labor-saving weed management technologies, the ring/stirrup hoe has shown to fit this profile. The Ring Hoe […]

SRI: The Zamfara Rice Farming Experience


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